Wednesday, August 10, 2011

My Dirty Thirty List

So a year ago, I was turning 30 and for a lot of people that is an age of crossing over into full adulthood. Many people feel the need to have accomplished something by this age, whether it be getting married, having babies, buying a house, finally finding their life-long career, etc. Even though I had not accomplished any of these things, I was okay with it. But I did want to shake up things in my routine life and decided I needed to do something big to celebrate. I always hear people saying things that they want to do one day like go sky diving, but they hardly ever do it. Then the idea popped into my brain: What better way to feel fully alive than to create a bucket list of 30 things and, here’s the kicker, only give myself one year to accomplish the whole list?

Using the list as an incentive made me do many things that I had been putting off and helped me discover new talents and hobbies. For instance, I now call myself a knitter, I donate blood, and I mentor a child. Lack of funds also made me more creative which led to ideas such as drinking peanuts in coca- cola, being blond for a day, or sending a message in a bottle. And now that I am 31, I find myself still adding to the list. Just last month I took a martial arts class, attended a lock and key dating party, and attempted to sell my crafts at the NODA art crawl. Once you turn your brain on to pay attention to all the possibilities around you, it is hard to turn it off. The next time someone suggests a new experience, instead of immediately thinking of all the excuses and obstacles, say with a shrug, “Well, why not?” I’d venture to say that you’ll be pleasantly surprised where this attitude will lead you.

I encourage everyone to try their own list and you’ll be amazed how much fun you have. Life is full of so many adventures and opportunities, that it is just a matter getting motivated! Give yourself something new to look forward to each month, each week, or even each day. What are some of your ideas for your list?

Side note: If you are looking for inspiration in finding joy in the simple things of life, check out this colorful and creative blog that I came across…

~ Julie Glaser

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