Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Inspire Each Other

The word inspire means to influence with an idea or a purpose.
That is the purpose of this blog - to inspire EACH OTHER.

So how do we do that? Here are a few ideas we have:
• Writer of the Week
Each week we will feature an article written by different people about different topics.
If you're interested in participating please email me at : Stephanie@HowDoYouInspire.com
• What Inspires Us
We will share websites, blogs, stories, and anything else we may come across
in a given week that we found to be inspiring.
• "What Inspires You?" postcards
We are working on a postcard design that simply says "What Inspires You?".
The postcards will be placed all around Charlotte - people can fill them out and mail them in. 
We will have blog posts about the messages we've received.

Our goal is for this blog to be an interactive form of communication.
If you have any ideas we would LOVE to hear them!