Monday, October 3, 2011

Todays Season

I love this photo. It’s probably one of my favorites to date.

That’s my Grandpap about five years ago on one of his many East Coast road trips.
Not long after this photo was taken, he passed away at 75 years young while riding
his Harley back home from a day out with friends. He thought that ride would
simply be his last of the season.

A few days ago, on the forth anniversary of his passing, I began to think about what
I may be like when I (God-willing) make it to 75 years old too. Will I have the body,
mind and spirit to still do the things that I love to do with those that I love?

I will be 30 (gulp) in less than two months and can’t believe where the years have
gone. And while I have accomplished a number of things that I am proud of, I want
more. Heck, doesn’t everyone?

I notice that I worry more now about my future than I ever have before.
As a planner, my instinct to well, plan and try and control as many variables as
possible. And as much as I know that ultimately I am not the one in control, I still
fight very hard to be at least a close second.

This photo reminds and inspires me to let go of my planner instincts and embrace
my sometimes hard to find carefree spirit. To open my arms to the wind, and let my
heart do the talking. To not take advantage of today and not get too wrapped up in
what ifs of tomorrow.

To enjoy my season until my riding days are done.

~ Anne Markey is owner of Favor Me Events, an event planning company
based in Charlotte, NC