Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Why I LOVE paper.

Have you read any of the Five Love Languages books?
If not I would highly recommend them.
Basically the books talk about how we can show love to one another in specific ways.
I personally love when my husband leaves me a note next to the coffee pot in the morning, or when a friend mails me a 'thinking of you' card, and when I receive a small squishy package from my mom (the squishy part means there is something soft inside :)
The reason I am telling you this is because it explains my love for paper. 
A note, card, or small package all of them are made of... you guessed it... paper!
Can I be honest for a minute?  I HATE email invitations.  I realize they are practical, free, and easy to use, but I feel they are impersonal and boring.  I want my guests, friends, and family to feel LOVED and SPECIAL when I mail them an invitation or card.
So there you have it.  Why I LOVE paper.

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